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Dangers Facing the Non-Traditional Christian

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Introductory Material

Dangers Facing the "Non-Traditional" Christian by Bill Hall
(Preached at the Jackson Drive church in Athens, AL)

Traditions - Good or Bad? by Sewell Hall

Are you making your "non-traditional" conclusions with a pure heart or are you reacting to bad attitudes from some Christians?
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Have "churches of Christ" approached the Bible in the wrong way? Do we have the wrong 'hermeneutics" (how we interpret the Bible)? Must we have authority for all that we do?
Click Here to Read and Hear More About this Question
Should churches meet in small groups in homes and observe the Lord's Supper like a meal? Is it wrong to have a paid preacher, elders with authority and own a church building?
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Are we binding traditions of men when we preach against instrumental music in worship, clapping and hand waving, and  limiting the role of women in the assembly? Is all of life worship?
Click Here to Read and Hear More About this Question
Have churches of Christ missed the true grace of God and become legalists? Have we become like the Pharisees in our attitudes and practices?
Click Here to Read and Hear More About this Question
Should we call others in denominations "our brothers in Christ" and "believers" regardless of their view and of their practice of water baptism? Should we extend fellowship to the denominations?
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An Overview of Dangers Facing the Non-Traditional Christian
by Larry Rouse

Every generation faces the challenge to understand and apply the Bible for themselves. No one should blindly accept what previous generations have taught just because of past practices. Those who know the Lord will learn to search "the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so" (Acts 17:11). Those who refuse to examine past practices by an open Bible are indeed caught up in a loyalty to a human tradition that is placed above God (Mt 15:8-9). It is my goal for this website to encourage such an examination.

Also with every generation, various movements appear under the banner of opposing human traditions that will not openly and fairly examine their positions with an open Bible. Much of their effort consists of name calling and misrepresentation of brethren who have called others back to be Christians only. Many younger Christians have followed these men because they have never clearly understood basic Bible truths and, as a result, have concluded that the core beliefs of local churches are the product of human traditions and "legalism that are typical of churches of Christ."

It is my hope that this site will engage those sincere souls in opening their hearts as well as opening their Bibles so that they can build a Biblical faith. While I do not expect that we will come to complete agreement on every subject (although that should be our goal!), I do expect that good hearts will come to agree and stand upon the basic foundations presented here. Those who seek the light of God's truth will open their lives and hearts to discuss with others the will of God. (John 3:19-21). 

I also want to warn and expose the terrible attitudes and fruits that are found with many who talk about being "non-traditional." There is a real danger for those who seek reform to actually form a human movement with human loyalties. This results in the forming of new human traditions to contrast with the practices they oppose. Human movements often are "reactionary," that is they are defined by their opposition to certain doctrines and even certain people.

In many cases efforts are made to destroy the influence of brethren who do not agree with these new teachings. Those who believe this misrepresentation and slander typically respond in an anger that closes their minds and ears to the one they are angry with (Prov 16:27-28). I have seen some who will write off entire churches in this planted anger. Whenever efforts like this are made to "draw away disciples" (Acts 20:30) then pride, bitterness and "every evil thing" (James 3:14-16) will be shared by those they influence. Division will occur in these settings and another sect is born.

Please carefully look into your heart and of those who are seeking reform to be sure that you have a heart of love and an open Bible rather than the "win at all costs" attitude of one who will slander and destroy others just to another adherent to a new human movement (Gal 4:17-20; 2 Pt 2:19).


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