Volume 2, Issue 1

November 7, 2010



Thoughts To Ponder    

Neither experience nor emotion is the basis for our faith. The basis for our faith is that certain things are true. Without
revealed truth we can have no certainty.






























































































































































































































  Bible Baptism      
    by Foy E. Wallace
  The Form of the New Testament
    by Bob West
  Truth's Consequences
    by Bill Hall
  Present Day Church Problems (Part 2)
    By Cled Wallace
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Meeting With Larry Rouse at North Gardendale - Birmingham, AL  October 10-13, 2010

Meeting With Tim Stevens September 2010

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Messianic Prophecies in the Book of Isaiah

Building a Biblical Home Bible Class

Hear Robert Harkrider on I John at
The University church of Christ

Themes in the Life of David Bible Class

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Following the Footsteps of Jesus Bible Class

A Study of Evangelism College Bible Class

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